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Playing chemical bingo is a great way to learn chemical formula of compounds and the common chemical symbols of the elements of the Periodic table.

20 chemical games for every student on a single sheet!

Attached are various chemical bingo games for students with bingo calls for the teacher at the end.

Each student receives a copy of the first sheet of chemical symbols or formula and a bingo sheet which has 30 games.

For each game the student crosses off a symbol or formula when called by the teacher.

The first student to cross off all 8 chemical symbols or 8 chemical formula yells out 'bingo' and is the winner.


To design your own Chemical Bingo game clink on the link.

Down load more chemical bingo sheets. 


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Chemical bingo worksheet

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Submitted by chemistry on Fri, 03/27/2009 - 05:00.

Chemical bingo is a great way to help students learn the major elements of the Periodic table.

Have plenty of prizes and treats ready!